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Why use a CPM (Certified Property Manager) designated property manager?

As stated by the Institute of Real Estate Management, the Certified Property Manager accreditation is an internationally recognized symbol of ethical leadership and a well-managed property. Employers, building owners, and investors hold the CPM credential in high esteem.

It takes real dedication to earn the CPM because there is such a rigorous list of requirements that must be completed in order to receive the accreditation.

CPM requirements include:

1. Experience: Minimum number of years of qualifying real estate management experience

2. Education: Required courses 

3. Management Plan: Pass management plan on an actual property (MPIND) or pass management plan skills assessment (MPSA)
4. Examination: Pass the CPM Certification exam 

5. Ethics: Attend Ethics for the Real Estate Manager and pass exam. Pledge to uphold the IREM Code of Professional Ethics

6. References – Professional reference letters

7. Fulfill the one year Candidacy period by being a CPM Candidate Member, ARM Member, or ACoM Member in good standing for the 12 months prior to CPM approval.

The list above covers most, but not all of the CPM requirements.

If you work with a CPM designated property manager you are guaranteed a professional and ethical real estate manager or real estate management company to manage your valuable assets. 

CPM members are knowledgeable about every aspect of managing investment real estate. Including, but not limited to:

– Accounting

– Architecture

– Leasing 

– Sales

– Law

– Appraisal

– Maintenance 

At Whirlygig Properties we are CPM designated property managers. Through years of experience in commercial real estate development, we can focus on what’s most important for a property. We can assure you that your best interests are being protected. Feel secure knowing you have business partners with a long-standing, trustworthy track record.

September 3, 2019