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Winter Maintenance Tips for Commercial Property Owners in Arizona

It is important to prepare your property for the winter to prevent damages. Cold temperatures can damage any type of property. This can result in costly repairs and/or a decrease in property value.

Below is a list of winter maintenance tips to prepare for the winter:

– Preparing for the winter requires much inspection. Start with inspecting heating systems, gutters, chimneys, and smoke alarms. These are quick fix items that you can do before the winter arrives.

– Even if there are no tenants currently living in your property, keep your heaters on a low setting. This prevents pipes from freezing and breaking. The cost of repairing broken pipes is much higher than a heating bill.

– Inspect your roof and make sure there are no issues. Take care of any bad spots on the roof. Strong winds can loosen or damage shingles. This can result in leaks. Cost of preparing a damaged roof is very high.

– It gets dark much earlier during the winter. Change old light bulbs before the season so that you don’t have to worry about it later down the road.

– Seal all gaps to reduce heating costs. Be vigilant about sealing all gaps on windows or doors. Waterproof sealing is important for the winter season.

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December 18, 2019