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IREM Certified Sustainable Property (CSP)

The Certified Sustainable Property (CSP) is for environmentally-friendly office, multifamily, and shopping center properties.

There are many benefits to the IREM sustainability certification for existing buildings.

For starters, this certification demonstrates quality – a property management company that puts sustainability at the forefront cares for environmental protection.

Additionally, it showcases responsible management, and gains recognition for your sustainability work.

A Certified Sustainable Property improves energy and environmental performance in existing apartment communities and commercial space.

“IREM Certified Sustainable Property (CSP) Certification is an attainable, affordable, and meaningful recognition  program for existing office properties.”

There are specific Multifamily, Office, and Shopping requirements that need to be in place in order to be recognized as a CSP. View requirements here.

Derived from IREM.org
You can market your IREM Certified Sustainable Property by:
Displaying an official certificate

  • Placing the certification logo on the property website, letterhead, and other materials
  • Ordering an official 10”x10” CSP award plaque made with aluminum and etched glass, or order your own custom size and shape (price will vary)
  • Coordinating on a press release with IREM
  • Participating in case studies, webinars, Journal of Property Management articles, and other knowledge sharing activities

Visit the IREM Certified Sustainable Property page for more information regarding the application process.

At Whirlygig Properties we are IREM designated property managers. Through years of experience in commercial real estate development, we can focus on what’s most important for a property. We can assure you that your best interests are being protected. Feel secure knowing you have business partners with a long-standing, trustworthy track record.

February 16, 2020