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IREM Certified Property Management for Remote Property Management

The IREM Property management certification allows you to manage properties anywhere, from anywhere.

The Institute of Real Estate Management (IREM): IREM is an international organization that boasts a membership of over 20,000. They offer internationally recognized training, certification, professional development course and networking opportunities for property managers.

Remote property management is successfully attained by creating and implementing systems, making improvements with time, and building a reliable team.

Many unprecedented situations arise when it comes to any kind of property management, let alone remote management. This is why building a reliable and quality team is empirical to seamlessly manage remote properties.

What do we mean by a “reliable and quality” team? We are referring to a team that can run the business with minimal oversight from the founding property manager.

This requires clear communication and developing strong relationships with contractors. You want to develop the type of relationship that allows you to call up your contractor at any given time and have them get back to you promptly. 

While managing properties remotely, you will deal with things like finding replacement tenants on the go. For this we suggest having a set template that includes detailed description for locations that you can post on all major real estate and rental marketplace listings.

An outstanding remote property manager succeeds by putting the right systems in place.
The factors that allow things to run smoothly are upfront work, building a team, and buying right. 

At Whirlygig Properties we are IREM designated property managers. Through years of experience in commercial real estate development, we can focus on what’s most important for a property. We can assure you that your best interests are being protected. Feel secure knowing you have business partners with a long-standing, trustworthy track record.

February 1, 2020