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Maintaining AC Units in the Fall

Fall is the season when AC Units finally get some rest. With the proper maintenance, Air Conditioning systems last from 12-15 years. If you prepare your AC unit for the winter during the fall, you ensure they live out their full potential.

  • Replace the air filter
    Pro tip – Replace your air filter monthly during the summer and once in the fall. You shouldn’t stop taking care of your AC filters just because you are not using it. The amount of dirt that accumulates during the cooler months can clog your filter.
  • Check wiring and components
    Before checking wiring always ensure the AC Unit power is off. Remove access panel and check for signs of overheating. This can include burned-looking wires (blackened, etc.). Check electrical connections and make sure they are tight. If you see a problem contact an expert.
  • Clean the outside of the AC Unit
    Leaves and other debris can build up outside the unit. This causes a reduction in efficiency and decrease in air flow.
  • Examine Thermostat
    First off, make sure your thermostat is working properly and keeps the space at the right temperature. It is suggested for mechanical type thermostat to be upgraded to a programmable model. This saves energy and money by not having the AC running when it is not in use.
  • Protect AC Units
    As soon as hot summer days are over and you no longer need the AC Unit on, remove portable AC United and store them away in a dry place. Clean the outdoor central air unit and cover it to keep it safe during off season.

Some tasks on the list can be done by the average home/property owner, but others should only be performed by someone with the proper training and a license.

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October 2, 2019